September 13

US Trademark – Red Tiger, Purge of Thrones & Twerk It Yoga


US Trademark Applications – 7 September 2016

In case you missed it, here’s the highlights from the Trademark Applications and Trademark Filings with the US Patents Office on 7 September 2016:

Here’s the best of the rest of the applications filed on 7 September 2016:

Purge of Thrones Trademark Application –

For Production and Distribution of Motion Pictures. Curious
Purge Of Thrones Trademark Application

SNAPCRAFT Trademark Application

This is actually more interesting for who appears to have applied for it than anything else. If you google Canonical Limited, you get the company behind Ubuntu. Again, Curious

snapcraft trademark application

Arianna Trademark Application

I note this just to check whether everyone else saw “Arianna” and autmatically thought “Arianna Grande”….because it doesn’t look like that’s who filed this application.

Arianna Trademark Application

Twerk it Yoga Trademark Application:

Because, you know, why not!

Twerk It Yoga trademark application

Pokeswap Trademark Application

For “facilitating and coordinating the exchange of gaming objects between buyers and sellers where such exchange occurs both electronically and through physical meetings in any suitable location”……riiiiiiiiiiite

pokeswap trademark application

Hangry Kit Trademark Application:

We’ve all been there, it should be a required object in every home and car, like a first aid kit

Hangry Kit Trademark Application

Quench Your Energy Thirst

Hmmmmm, that sounds, I dunno, VAGUELY familiar!

Quench Your Energy Thirst Trademark Application

Red Tiger Trademark Application

Ah come on now lads, you aren’t even trying!

Red Tiger Trademark Application

Click to Enlarge

Red Tiger Energy Drink Trademark

Jet Black Trademark Application

By Apple, you assume??

You assume incorrectly.

By A Korean Company, but yes, for Cases for Mobile Phones

Apple Jet Black Trademark Appliction


Arianna Trademark Application, Hangry Kit Trademark, Jet Black Trademark, Pokeswap Trademark Application, Purge of Thrones Trademark Application, Quench Your Energy Thirst Trademark, Red Tiger Trademark, Snapcraft Trademark Application, Twerk It Yoga

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