September 12

NBA Trademarks – New NOLA New Orleans 2017 Logos filed 7 September 2016


NBA Trademarks – NOLA New Orleans All Star Game 2017

The NBA had a busy trademark day on 7 September (the last date currently uploaded and available online from the US Patents Office) filing no less than 13 trademark applications, albeit some are the same logo for different goods and services:

Here’s the 7 logos that were filed with the US Patents Office last Wenesday by the NBA with some of the details of the applications below:

NBA New Orleans 2017 Logo Trademark

NBA New Orleans 2017 Hat Trademark NBA Nola Trademark Application 5 NBA Nola Trademark Application 4 NBA Nola Trademark Logo 3 NBA nola trademark logo 2 NBA all star new orleans 2017 trademark logo1

Click to Enlarge the below details:


NBA New Orleans Trademark NBA Nola 2017 trademark details goods and services NBA NOLA 2017 trademark details NBA All Star 2017 trademark details NBA All Star Logo 2017 trademark application


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