June 8

What I’ve learned in a year of law….(again)


This is the follow up to my wildly successful* post of this day last year, titled ‘What I’ve learned in a year of law’. Imaginative, I know

Today marks 2 years since my return to the world of law after a short (long) break to go be a radio presenter

Last year, I gushed over the fact my blog had had over 5,000 visitors. Well, I’ve gone past that now….WAY past it. Over 10 times more visitors in fact. From 5,000 unique visitors this day last year, to 58,000 as of today. Awesome.

www.brianconroy.com… stats:Brian Conroy Visitor Stats

www.thetrademarkninja.com… stats:Trademark Ninja Stats

I now rank in the Top 10 Pages for a search of the term ‘Trademark Ireland‘ on www.Google.ie

Thanks again for stopping by ya’ll

Here’s some of the ‘law’ things I did in theĀ last year:

  • I started a new website and brand as ‘The Tradmark Ninja’ in September 2016, and have attracted nearly 32,000 individual and unique visitors in the 9 months since
  • Several Appearances on The Last Word with Matt Cooper
  • Several Appearances on Virgin Radio in the UK
  • Speaker at Uprise Festival
  • Took on two of the biggest organisations in the world in trademark disputes
  • Won some cases
  • Lost a case, but convinced myself (and everyone else) it wasn’t my fault…it wasn’t, really.
  • Appeared on RTE News….in Full Ninja CostumeĀ (yes, that’s me, don’t ask)

  • Exclusively revealed the Microsoft surface before anybody else in the world

And here’s a few things I learned:

  • Mr Justice Gerard Hogan can walk from Harold’s Cross bridge to the Four Courts faster than I can drive the same distance
  • I need to get one of those suitcases on wheels or get significantly stronger
  • Karen from Pearts probably knows more about company law than any barrister or solicitor down there
  • Some Solicitors are absolute a**holes
  • Barristers, ditto.
  • Common Sense and the Law don’t always work hand in hand
  • When calling a Courts Service phone number always pick the one at the end

Central Office Phone Numbers

  • You’re never too old to be made feel like a complete thick. Just try and file something in the central office if you don’t believe me! I know feel going in there the same way I do when I drive up to a Garda Checkpoint!
  • If you REALLY need something in Court, it will be the one thing you don’t have
  • If you print lots of copies of something for Court, they will not even be glanced at
  • No matter what happens, the pages in the briefs will never match for Plaintiff and Defence
  • The more often a client calls you, the more likely they are going to dispute your bill. Fact.
  • The Statute of Limitations makes baby Jesus Cry….and if you’re a real lawyer, you’ll now be wondering when the statute would have run for Jesus
  • Transcripts of High Court Actions are expensive as f**k

Here’s to another year of being LAWsome

*may not have been wildly successful



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