What I’ve learnt in a year of law…


Today marks a year since I started back practicing law at Rennick Solicitors having quit my job as a radio presenter on Spin1038 and gone back to Dispensing Truth and Justice as my old boss Sean Barton used to so eloquently put it.

There’s on odd symmetry that this day should fall on the day the leaving cert beings, 20 years after I started by Junior Cert and got the good results that would lead my guidance counsellor in 2 years time to advise that I should do Law instead of Arts or Communications.

It’s been a crazy year, and since I’ve been back, this blog has racked up over 5,000 individual visitors, and has gotten lovely feedback from a really broad spectrum of people, both legal and non legal. Thanks to everyone who has visited.

It's Been A Year

Here’s what’s happened in the last year:

I’ve had 11 notable mentions on Broadsheet (I had 1 in six years as the breakfast presenter on Spin1038)

One appearance on the Last Word with Matt Cooper

Some really good fun with some unique marketing

Done some infographics

Been on my feet in the High Court more than I ever would have imagined

Learned that timelines and deadlines mean absolutely nothing…….to barristers.

Battled some lay litigants

Worked from home and got more done before 12pm than I often get done in a whole day

Failed to get a single document across the counter at the central office without something having to be amended

Had ‘the fear’ that I had missed a statutory deadline

Got really frustrated that people wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain why they should register a trademark

Decided not to be able to get my work emails on my phone

Decided to be able to get my work emails on my phone

Re-Read the Law Society Civil Litigation Manual

Rejoiced that the Companies Act 2014 meant I now knew as little about Company Law as everyone else again

Decided to blog

Decided not to blog

Learned to stop shuddering at the mentioned of ‘time recording’, ‘billable hours’ and WIP reports

Stopped referring to myself as ‘the law talking guy’

Stopped referring people to the case of ‘finders versus keepers’

Starting using the word Bailiwick in everyday conversation

Decided to lash ‘Without Prejudice’ on everything, just in case

Stopped being self conscious about dictating

Did the Tradmark Agents Exams

Settled some cases.

Fought the good fight

And so, on to year two….after the long vacation obviously.


About the author 

Brian Conroy

I am a Trademark, Corporate and Commercial Litigation Solicitor with a background in the media industry. I specialise in Data Protection, Media, and Intellectual Property Law, both contentious and non-contentious. I trained with McCann FitzGerald in Dublin, and spent 13 years working within the Denis O'Brien owned Communicorp Group of radio stations. For further information or to arrange a consultation or call back phone Leman Solicitors on 01 6393000

  • Delighted to hear all your progress in Year One! You’re possess a Madonna/Cher ability to reinvent yourself! Here’s to Year Two buddy!

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