September 19

A New Logo for BT, A Nasty US Presidential TM & EasyJet US


It’s the latest Trademark Posts from the Trademark Ninja:

UK Trademark Applications:

Most exciting was probably the new Trademark Application for a new BT logo in the UK, but click the link above for more trademarks from The National Lotto, The Mr Selfridge Experience, Harrah’s Casino and Paramount’s Virtual Racing League

US Trademark Applications:

There’s a few mad applications in the most recent filings with the US Patents Office, including a Jesus Christ v. Superman Mashup, a trademark to top all trademarks in the US Election race, and some throwbacks from Earthworm Jim – Get them all HERE

Irish Trademark Applications:

From Titanic Coffee to every colour of paint you could possibly imagine, they are all there in the most recent Irish Trademark Applications – Click Here

EU Trademark Applications:

It had been a while, and after 2 weeks, there was a whopping 5,200 trademark applications. Some of the new and noteworthy include applications for a Trademark for Boogie Storm (what were on the X Factor), Brexit Beer and Zoella Beauty – You can get more HERE


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