August 16

Coca Cola Woah – Where Only Awesome Happens


Coca Cola Woah- Where Only Awesome Happens

Coca Cola Woah – Well, there you go then! If this trademark filing from Coca Cola is to be believed, WOAH stands for “Where Only Awesome Happens”

Thanks Coke, I’ve gotten through 35 years on this planet (during which time I’ve consumed a ridiculous amount of your beverage!) without knowing that

I look forward to hearing/seeing the new strapline down the line:


coca cola woah where awesome happens



Paddy Power Onside

Interested to see what this turns out to be from Paddy Power. They are always innovative and forward thinking, so any new trademark or product always peaks my interest:


paddy power onside trademark application


JagerMeister = Master Hunter

After a very great many (ill-advised) shots of this stuff, and having gotten an A1 in my leaving certificate German, I’m mortified to concede I never knew that JagerMeister stood for Master Hunter….For shame, for shame:
master hunter trademark application


EU Trademark Applications:

Here’s the balance of the EU Trademark Applications for 15 August 2016:

[embeddoc url=”” download=”none”]



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