Bear Grylls Flying Bicycle Trademark


Bear Grylls Flying Bicycle Trademark

Bear Grylls Flying Bicycle

Bear Grylls Flying Bicycle. There’s 4 words I never thought I’d be saying, let alone blogging about, let alone blogging about on a law blog about intellectual property. But here we are.

Yesterday, Bear Grylls Ventures LLP filed the below trademark:
uk trademark bear grylls
The Full details of which are below:
Spot anything interesting? I did

Here’s the Full Details

Case details for trade mark UK00003180424


Relevant dates

Filing date
15 August 2016

List of goods and services

Class 5
First aid kits comprising bandages, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, scissors, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipe packets, aspirin and a booklet providing first aid instructions; vitamins; pharmaceutical and medical preparations; plasters, materials for dressings; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; insecticides and insect repellents; fungicides and herbicides; dietary supplements.
Class 8
Hand tools; multi-function hand tools; multi-function hand tools comprising all, or a combination of a knife blade, pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener, scissors, wire cutter, file, saw blade, nail puller, wire stripper, ruler; knives; hunting, fishing and camping knives; sheaths for knives; saws; shovels; spades; axes; hatchets; machetes; hand tools for use in climbing; ice axes.
Class 9
Compasses; sunglasses; eyewear; DVDs (recorded); mobile telephones; computers; laptop computers; computer games; safety survival suits; whistles; signalling mirrors; signalling devices; binoculars; satellite communication apparatus; satellite communication equipment; satellite navigation equipment; mobile telephone apps; global positioning apparatus and instruments; satellite communications apparatus and instruments; audio/visual equipment; photographic equipment; communications equipment; skiing and snowboarding helmets; safety helmets and crash helmets; protective clothing, footwear, headgear, gloves and eyewear for protection against injury; emergency flares; survival blankets; downloadable electronic publications; digital maps; swimming masks and goggles; breathing apparatus for swimming; recorded content, recorded films, recorded television programmes.
Class 11
Head mounted lighting products; hand held lighting products; torches; water purification apparatus; apparatus for lighting; apparatus for cooking; barbecues, grills, camping stoves; apparatus for heating; apparatus for cooling; apparatus for ventilation; apparatus for water supply; apparatus for sanitary purposes; flares.
Class 12
Vehicles; land vehicles, bicycles, tricycles, scooters [for transport], quad bikes; water vehicles, boats, canoes, kayaks, yachts, dinghies, oars and paddles; rigid inflatable boats (RIBs); air vehicles, microlights, parachutes, gliders; sledges [for transport]; flying bicycles*, hoverbikes.
Class 13
Air guns; fire igniters, fire tinder; ammunition for air guns; fireworks; flare pistols; signalling flares.
Class 14
Watches; jewellery; clocks, chronometers; cuff links; tie pins and tie clips.
Class 16
Books; booklets; publications; printed matter; printed matter relating to survival techniques; stationery; instructional and teaching materials (except apparatus); maps and globes.
Class 18
Rucksacks, backpacks, travelling bags, holdalls; bags for survival kits; luggage; bags; wallets and purses; hiking poles.
Class 20
Sleeping bags; mirrors; mattresses and sleeping mats for camping and outdoor use; camping furniture; outdoor furniture; pillows for camping and outdoor use.
Class 21
Canteens; drinking flasks; drinking vessels; hydration reservoirs; hydration packs; cooking and food preparation utensils (non-electric); pots and pans for cooking; bowls, plates, cups and mugs; brushes and combs; insect traps; insulating flasks.
Class 22
Tents and awnings; ropes; String, cord, twine; rope ladders; tarpaulins.
Class 25
Articles of clothing; footwear; headgear.
Class 28
Fishing line and fishing hooks; fishing tackle; fishing rods and reels; paddleboards; climbers’ harnesses; toys; exercise equipment; indoor fitness apparatus; fitness exercise machines; machines incorporating weights for use in physical exercise; body-building apparatus; exercise weights; dumbbells; kettle bells; yoga mats; games; handheld computer games; video game machines for use with televisions; hang gliders, paragliders, parachutes for paragliding; sledges [toys and sporting articles]; skis and ski poles; snowboards; snowshoes; surfboards; swimming equipment, flippers, flotation apparatus for swimming; waterskis.
Class 29
Meat, fish, poultry and game; edible insects, foodstuffs consisting mainly of edible insects; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams; eggs; milk; dairy products in this class; edible oils and fats; ready meals consisting mainly of meat, fish, poultry, game or insects.
Class 30
Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; rice; noodles; pasta; polenta; flour and preparations made from cereals; breakfast cereals; bread, pastries and confectionery, energy bars; edible ices; sugar, honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt; mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices; ice; ready meals consisting mainly of pasta, rice, polenta or noodles.
Class 32
Non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated waters; fruit beverages and fruit juices; energy drinks; sports drinks.
Class 36
Insurance services; financial services; credit card services.
Class 41
Education and training; survival training; fitness training; provision of facilities for outdoor survival and fitness training; entertainment; theme parks; live entertainment services; television, film, radio and online entertainment services; non-downloadable electronic publications.

Name and Address details

Owner(s) name
Bear Grylls Ventures LLP
38 Berkeley Square, London, United Kingdom, W1J 5AE
Country of Incorporation
United Kingdom
Company registration number
 IPO representative name
Carpmaels & Ransford LLP
One Southampton Row, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 5HA

*Full disclosure – I am well aware that this doesn’t mean we can expect to see Bear Grylls Flying Bicycles in stores at Christmas (or likely ever), but it’s not as good a story if you let reality get in the way of it now, is it!

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