John Lennon Trademarks – Yoko Ono Applies for John Lennon TMs


John Lennon Trademarks

Yesterday a trademark application was filed for EU wide protection for “John Lennon”

John Lennon Trademarks

I immediately thought “unless whoever has applied for that is actually called “John Lennon”, I don’t fancy their chances of getting the trademarks across the line, particularly because Yoko Ono was previously involved (to some extent anyway) in a trademark spat with a US Singer called Lennon Murphy – You can read more about that HERE

But actually, LOOK who has applied for the trademark…

Yoko Ono Trademark John Lennon


Yeah, that might work.

Actually, while Yoko Ono does have some US trademarks for John Lennon (mostly his signature) she only has one EU trademark as it stands, and that’s not for John Lennon, it’s for:

Imagine Peace Tower Trademark Application


Blow there’s a  list of all the things she wants to have exclusive use of ‘John Lennon’ for, which is A LOT, including many things I’ve never even heard of before (Anemometers or Cosmographic Instruments anybody) and some which are just plain bonkers:

  • John Lennon asbestos screens for firemen
  • John Lennon automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires
  • John Lennon electrified rails for mounting spot lights
  • John Lennon protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes

The list goes on (and on and on and on)

At the bottom you can find a list of all past and present ‘John Lennon’ trademarks in existence. You’ll see Yoko Ono has the first ever one, registered back in 1987, which is his signature and a few others, and there’s also been a few failed applications down through the years also. Interesting stuff.

EUIPO – eSearch

  • 9 3D spectacles; abacuses; accumulators, electric; accumulators, electric, for vehicles; acid hydrometers; acidimeters for batteries; acoustic conduits; acoustic couplers; acoustic [sound] alarms; actinometers; adding machines; aerometers; air analysis apparatus; alarm bells, electric; alarms; alcoholmeters; alidades; altimeters; ammeters; amplifiers; amplifying tubes; anemometers; animated cartoons; anode batteries; anodes; answering machines; antennas; anticathodes; anti-glare glasses; anti-glare visors; anti-interference devices [electricity]; anti-theft warning apparatus; apertometers [optics]; apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, not for medical purposes; apparatus and instruments for astronomy; apparatus and instruments for physics; apparatus for changing record player needles; apparatus for fermentation [laboratory apparatus]; apparatus for measuring the thickness of skins; apparatus to check franking; appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; armatures [electricity]; asbestos clothing for protection against fire; asbestos gloves for protection against accidents; asbestos screens for firemen; audio- and video-receivers; audiovisual teaching apparatus; automated teller machines [ATM]; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires [tyres]; azimuth instruments; baby monitors; bags adapted for laptops; balances [steelyards]; balancing apparatus; bar code readers; barometers; batteries, electric; batteries for lighting; battery boxes; battery chargers; battery jars; beacons, luminous; bells [warning devices]; betatrons; binoculars; blueprint apparatus; boiler control instruments; branch boxes [electricity]; breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; bullet-proof waistcoats [vests (Am.)]; buzzers; cabinets for loudspeakers; cables, electric; calculating machines; calibrating rings; calipers; camcorders; cameras [photography]; capillary tubes; carpenters’ rules; carriers for dark plates [photography]; cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; cash registers; cassette players; cathodes; cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus; cell phone straps; cell switches [electricity]; centering apparatus for photographic transparencies; chargers for electric batteries; chemistry apparatus and instruments; chips [integrated circuits]; choking coils [impedance]; chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; chronographs [time recording apparatus]; cinematographic cameras; cinematographic film, exposed; circuit breakers; circuit closers; circular slide rules; cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs; close-up lenses; clothing especially made for laboratories; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; clothing for protection against fire; coaxial cables; coils, electric; coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; coin-operated musical automata [juke boxes]; collectors, electric; commutators; compact disc players; compact discs [audio-video]; compact discs [read-only memory]; comparators; compasses [measuring instruments]; computer game software; computer keyboards; computer memory devices; computer operating programs, recorded; computer peripheral devices; computer programmes [programs], recorded; computer programs [downloadable software]; computers; computer software applications, downloadable; computer software, recorded; condensers [capacitors]; conductors, electric; connections for electric lines; connectors [electricity]; contact lenses; contacts, electric; containers for contact lenses; containers for microscope slides; control panels [electricity]; converters, electric; copper wire, insulated; correcting lenses [optics]; cosmographic instruments; counterfeit [false] coin detectors; counters; couplers [data processing equipment]; couplings, electric; covers for electric outlets; crash test dummies; crucibles [laboratory]; current rectifiers; cyclotrons; darkroom lamps [photography]; darkrooms [photography]; data processing apparatus; decompression chambers; decorative magnets; demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; densimeters; densitometers; detectors; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; diaphragms [acoustics]; diaphragms for scientific apparatus; diaphragms [photography]; dictating machines; diffraction apparatus [microscopy]; digital photo frames; directional compasses; discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting; disk drives for computers; disks, magnetic; distance measuring apparatus; distance recording apparatus; distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; distribution boards [electricity]; distribution boxes [electricity]; distribution consoles [electricity]; divers’ masks; diving suits; DNA chips; dog whistles; dosage dispensers; downloadable image files; downloadable music files; downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; drainers for use in photography; dressmakers’ measures; drying apparatus for photographic prints; drying racks [photography]; ducts [electricity]; DVD players; dynamometers; ear plugs for divers; editing appliances for cinematographic films; egg-candlers; egg timers [sandglasses]; electric apparatus for commutation; electric door bells; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; electricity conduits; electric loss indicators; electrified fences; electrified rails for mounting spot lights; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; electrolysers; electromagnetic coils; electronic agendas; electronic book readers; electronic notice boards; electronic pens [visual display units]; electronic pocket translators; electronic publications, downloadable; electronic tags for goods; encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; encoded key cards; encoded magnetic cards; enlarging apparatus [photography]; epidiascopes; ergometers; exposure meters [light meters]; eyeglass chains; eyeglass cords; eyeglass frames; eyepieces; facsimile machines; fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic cables; film cutting apparatus; films, exposed; filters for respiratory masks; filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography; filters [photography]; fire alarms; fire beaters; fire blankets; fire boats; fire engines; fire escapes; fire extinguishers; fire hose; fire hose nozzles; fire pumps; flash-bulbs [photography]; flashing lights [luminous signals]; flashlights [photography]; floppy disks; fluorescent screens; fog signals, non-explosive; food analysis apparatus; frames for photographic transparencies; frequency meters; furnaces for laboratory use; furniture especially made for laboratories; fuses; fuse wire; galena crystals [detectors]; galvanic batteries; galvanic cells; galvanometers; gasoline gauges; gasometers [measuring instruments]; gas testing instruments; gauges; glazing apparatus for photographic prints; Global Positioning System [GPS] apparatus; gloves for divers; gloves for protection against accidents; gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes; goggles for sports; grids for batteries; hands free kits for phones; head cleaning tapes [recording]; headphones; heat regulating apparatus; heliographic apparatus; hemline markers; high-frequency apparatus; holders for electric coils; holograms; horns for loudspeakers; hydrometers; hygrometers; identification sheaths for electric wires; identification threads for electric wires; identity cards, magnetic; igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance; incubators for bacteria culture; inductors [electricity]; instruments containing eyepieces; integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; integrated circuits; intercommunication apparatus; interfaces for computers; inverters [electricity]; invoicing machines; ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; jigs [measuring instruments]; juke boxes for computers; junction boxes [electricity]; junction sleeves for electric cables; kilometer recorders for vehicles; knee-pads for workers; laboratory centrifuges; laboratory trays; lactodensimeters; lactometers; laptop computers; lasers, not for medical purposes; lenses for astrophotography; lens hoods; letter scales; levelling instruments; levelling staffs [surveying instruments]; levels [instruments for determining the horizontal]; life belts; life buoys; life jackets; life saving apparatus and equipment; life-saving rafts; light dimmers [regulators], electric; light-emitting diodes [LED]; light-emitting electronic pointers; lighting ballasts; lightning conductors [rods]; limiters [electricity]; locks, electric; logs [measuring instruments]; loudspeakers; magic lanterns; magnetic data media; magnetic encoders; magnetic tapes; magnetic tape units for computers; magnetic wires; magnets; magnifying glasses [optics]; marine compasses; marine depth finders; marking buoys; marking gauges [joinery]; masts for wireless aerials; materials for electricity mains [wires, cables]; material testing instruments and machines; mathematical instruments; measures; measuring apparatus; measuring devices, electric; measuring glassware; measuring instruments; measuring spoons; mechanical signs; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; mechanisms for counter-operated apparatus; megaphones; memory cards for video game machines; mercury levels; metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; meteorological balloons; meteorological instruments; metronomes; micrometers; micrometer screws for optical instruments; microphones; microprocessors; microscopes; microtomes; mirrors for inspecting work; mirrors [optics]; modems; money counting and sorting machines; monitoring apparatus, electric; monitors [computer hardware]; monitors [computer programs]; mouse [computer peripheral]; mouse pads; nautical apparatus and instruments; naval signalling apparatus; navigational instruments; navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; needles for record players; neon signs; nets for protection against accidents; nose clips for divers and swimmers; notebook computers; objectives [lenses] [optics]; observation instruments; octants; ohmmeters; optical apparatus and instruments; optical character readers; optical condensers; optical data media; optical discs; optical fibers [fibres] [light conducting filaments]; optical glass; optical goods; optical lamps; optical lenses; oscillographs; oxygen transvasing apparatus; ozonisers [ozonators]; parking meters; particle accelerators; pedometers; peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors; periscopes; personal stereos; Petri dishes; photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic]; photometers; phototelegraphy apparatus; photovoltaic cells; pince-nez; pince-nez cases; pipettes; Pitot tubes; plane tables [surveying instruments]; planimeters; plates for batteries; plotters; plumb bobs; plumb lines; pocket calculators; polarimeters; portable media players; portable telephones; precision balances; precision measuring apparatus; pressure gauges; pressure indicator plugs for valves; pressure indicators; pressure measuring apparatus; printed circuit boards; printed circuits; printers for use with computers; prisms [optics]; probes for scientific purposes; processors [central processing units]; projection apparatus; projection screens; protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes; protection devices for personal use against accidents; protective helmets; protective helmets for sports; protective masks; protective suits for aviators; protractors [measuring instruments]; punched card machines for offices; push buttons for bells; pyrometers; quantity indicators; radar apparatus; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; radiology screens for industrial purposes; radio pagers; radios; radiotelegraphy sets; radiotelephony sets; railway traffic safety appliances; range finders; readers [data processing equipment]; record players; reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents; refractometers; refractors; regulating apparatus, electric; relays, electric; remote control apparatus; resistances, electric; respirators for filtering air; respiratory masks, other than for artificial respiration; resuscitation mannequins [teaching apparatus]; retorts; retorts’ stands; revolution counters; rheostats; riding helmets; road signs, luminous or mechanical; rods for water diviners; rulers [measuring instruments]; rules [measuring instruments]; saccharometers; safety nets; safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; safety tarpaulins; salinometers; satellite navigational apparatus; satellites for scientific purposes; scales; scanners [data processing equipment]; screens for photoengraving; screens [photography]; screw-tapping gauges; semi-conductors; sextants; sheaths for electric cables; shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; shutter releases [photography]; shutters [photography]; sighting telescopes for firearms; signal bells; signal lanterns; signalling buoys; signalling panels, luminous or mechanical; signalling whistles; signals, luminous or mechanical; signs, luminous; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; sirens; sleeves for laptops; slide calipers; slide projectors; slide-rules; slope indicators; smartphones; smoke detectors; sockets, plugs and other contacts [electric connections]; socks, electrically heated; solar batteries; solderers’ helmets; solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]; sonars; sounding apparatus and machines; sounding leads; sounding lines; sound locating instruments; sound recording apparatus; sound recording carriers; sound recording discs; sound recording strips; sound reproduction apparatus; sound transmitting apparatus; spark-guards; speaking tubes; spectacle cases; spectacle frames; spectacle lenses; spectacles [optics]; spectrograph apparatus; spectroscopes; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; speed indicators; speed measuring apparatus [photography]; speed regulators for record players; spherometers; spirit levels; spools [photography]; sprinkler systems for fire protection; stage lighting regulators; stands for photographic apparatus; starter cables for motors; steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; step-up transformers; stereoscopes; stereoscopic apparatus; stills for laboratory experiments; stroboscopes; sulfitometers; sunglasses; surveying apparatus and instruments; surveying chains; surveying instruments; surveyors’ levels; switchboards; switchboxes [electricity]; switches, electric; tablet computers; tachometers; tape recorders; taximeters; teaching apparatus; teeth protectors; telegraphs [apparatus]; telegraph wires; telephone apparatus; telephone receivers; telephone transmitters; telephone wires; teleprinters; teleprompters; telerupters; telescopes; television apparatus; temperature indicator labels, not for medical purposes; temperature indicators; terminals [electricity]; testing apparatus not for medical purposes; test tubes; theft prevention installations, electric; theodolites; thermionic tubes; thermometers, not for medical purposes; thermostats; thermostats for vehicles; thread counters; ticket dispensers; time clocks [time recording devices]; time recording apparatus; time switches, automatic; tone arms for record players; toner cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers; totalizators; traffic cones; traffic-light apparatus [signalling devices]; transformers [electricity]; transistors [electronic]; transmitters of electronic signals; transmitters [telecommunication]; transmitting sets [telecommunication]; transparencies [photography]; transponders; triodes; tripods for cameras; urinometers; USB flash drives; vacuum gauges; vacuum tubes [radio]; variometers; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; vehicle radios; verniers; video baby monitors; video cassettes; video game cartridges; video recorders; video screens; videotapes; video telephones; viewfinders, photographic; viscosimeters; voltage regulators for vehicles; voltage surge protectors; voltmeters; voting machines; wafers for integrated circuits; walkie-talkies; washing trays [photography]; water level indicators; wavemeters; weighbridges; weighing apparatus and instruments; weighing machines; weights; whistle alarms; wind socks for indicating wind direction; wire connectors [electricity]; wires, electric; workmen’s protective face-shields; wrist rests for use with computers; X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes; X-ray films, exposed; X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; X-ray tubes not for medical purposes; Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers, recording discs; Compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media
  • 16 Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; addressing machines; address plates for addressing machines; address stamps; adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes; adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]; adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; albums; almanacs; announcement cards [stationery]; apparatus for mounting photographs; aquarelles; architects’ models; arithmetical tables; atlases; bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging; bags for microwave cooking; balls for ball-point pens; bibs of paper; binding strips [bookbinding]; biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]; blackboards; blotters; blueprints; bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]; bookbinding cloth; bookbinding material; bookbindings; bookends; booklets; bookmarkers; books; bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper; bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper; boxes of cardboard or paper; cabinets for stationery [office requisites]; calendars; canvas for painting; carbon paper; cardboard; cardboard articles; cardboard tubes; cards; cases for stamps [seals]; catalogues; chalk for lithography; chalk holders; charcoal pencils; chart pointers, non-electronic; chromolithographs [chromos]; cigar bands; clipboards; coasters of paper; comic books; compasses for drawing; composing frames [printing]; conical paper bags; copying paper [stationery]; cords for bookbinding; correcting fluids [office requisites]; correcting ink [heliography]; correcting tapes [office requisites]; covers of paper for flower pots; covers [stationery]; cream containers of paper; credit card imprinters, non-electric; desk mats; diagrams; document files [stationery]; document holders [stationery]; document laminators for office use; drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; drawing boards; drawing instruments; drawing materials; drawing pads; drawing pens; drawing pins; drawing rulers; drawing sets; drawing squares; drawing T-squares; duplicators; elastic bands for offices; electrocardiograph paper; electrotypes; embroidery designs [patterns]; engraving plates; engravings; envelope sealing machines, for offices; envelopes [stationery]; erasing products; erasing shields; etching needles; etchings; fabrics for bookbinding; face towels of paper; figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché; files [office requisites]; filtering materials [paper]; filter paper; finger-stalls [office requisites]; flags of paper; flyers; folders for papers; folders [stationery]; forms, printed; fountain pens; franking machines for office use; French curves; galley racks [printing]; garbage bags of paper or of plastics; geographical maps; glue for stationery or household purposes; gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes; graining combs; graphic prints; graphic representations; graphic reproductions; greeting cards; gummed cloth for stationery purposes; gummed tape [stationery]; gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes; handkerchiefs of paper; hand labelling appliances; hand-rests for painters; handwriting specimens for copying; hat boxes of cardboard; hectographs; histological sections for teaching purposes; holders for checkbooks [cheque books]; holders for stamps [seals]; house painters’ rollers; humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; index cards [stationery]; indexes; Indian inks; ink; inking pads; inking ribbons; inking ribbons for computer printers; inking sheets for document reproducing machines; inking sheets for duplicators; inkstands; ink sticks; ink stones [ink reservoirs]; inkwells; isinglass for stationery or household purposes; labels, not of textile; ledgers [books]; letter trays; lithographic stones; lithographic works of art; lithographs; loose-leaf binders; luminous paper; magazines [periodicals]; manifolds [stationery]; manuals [handbooks]; marking chalk; marking pens [stationery]; mats for beer glasses; mimeograph apparatus and machines; modelling clay; modelling materials; modelling paste; modelling wax, not for dental purposes; moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites]; moisteners [office requisites]; molds for modelling clays [artists’ materials]; money clips; musical greeting cards; napkins of paper for removing make-up; newsletters; newspapers; nibs; nibs of gold; note books; numbering apparatus; numbers [type]; obliterating stamps; office perforators; office requisites, except furniture; oleographs; packaging material made of starches; pads [stationery]; page holders; paint boxes [articles for use in school]; paintbrushes; painters’ brushes; painters’ easels; paintings [pictures], framed or unframed; paint trays; palettes for painters; pamphlets; pantographs [drawing instruments]; paper; paper bows; paper clasps; paper-clips; paper coffee filters; paper for radiograms; paper for recording machines; paper knives [cutters] [office requisites]; paper ribbons; paper sheets [stationery]; paper shredders for office use; paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; paperweights; papier mâché; parchment paper; passport holders; pastels [crayons]; patterns for dressmaking; patterns for making clothes; pen cases; pencil holders; pencil lead holders; pencil leads; pencils; pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; pen clips; penholders; pens [office requisites]; pen wipers; perforated cards for Jacquard looms; periodicals; photo-engravings; photographs [printed]; photograph stands; pictures; placards of paper or cardboard; place mats of paper; plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging; plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; plastic film for wrapping; plastics for modelling; portraits; postage stamps; postcards; posters; printed matter; printed publications; printed timetables; printers’ blankets, not of textile; printers’ reglets; printing blocks; printing sets, portable [office requisites]; printing type; prints [engravings]; prospectuses; punches [office requisites]; rollers for typewriters; rosaries; rubber erasers; school supplies [stationery]; scrapers [erasers] for offices; sealing compounds for stationery purposes; sealing machines for offices; sealing stamps; sealing wafers; sealing wax; seals [stamps]; self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; shields [paper seals]; signboards of paper or cardboard; silver paper; slate pencils; song books; spools for inking ribbons; square rulers; stamp pads; stamps [seals]; stamp stands; stands for pens and pencils; staples for offices; stapling presses [office requisites]; starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes; stationery; steatite [tailor’s chalk]; steel letters; steel pens; stencil cases; stencil plates; stencils; stencils [stationery]; stickers [stationery]; tablecloths of paper; table linen of paper; tablemats of paper; table napkins of paper; tags for index cards; tailors’ chalk; teaching materials [except apparatus]; terrestrial globes; tickets; toilet paper; towels of paper; tracing cloth; tracing needles for drawing purposes; tracing paper; tracing patterns; trading cards other than for games; transfers [decalcomanias]; transparencies [stationery]; trays for sorting and counting money; type [numerals and letters]; typewriter keys; typewriter ribbons; typewriters, electric or non-electric; vignetting apparatus; viscose sheets for wrapping; watercolor [watercolour] saucers for artists; waxed paper; wood pulp board [stationery]; wood pulp paper; wrapping paper; wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; writing board erasers; writing brushes; writing cases [sets]; writing cases [stationery]; writing chalk; writing instruments; writing materials; writing or drawing books; writing paper; writing slates; Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy; Address books; Date books.
  • 21 Plates; Drinking vessels; Mugs; Jugs; Bottles; Jars; Trays; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; animal bristles [brushware]; apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; aquarium hoods; baby baths, portable; baking mats; basins [receptacles]; baskets for domestic use; basting brushes; basting spoons [cooking utensils]; beaters, non-electric; beer mugs; bird baths; birdcages; blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; boot jacks; boot trees [stretchers]; bottle openers, electric and non-electric; bottles; bowls [basins]; boxes for dispensing paper towels; boxes of glass; bread baskets, domestic; bread bins; bread boards; brooms; brushes; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; brushes for footwear; brush goods; buckets; buckets made of woven fabrics; bulb basters; busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; butter-dish covers; butter dishes; buttonhooks; cabarets [trays]; cages for household pets; cake molds [moulds]; candelabra [candlesticks]; candle extinguishers; candle jars [holders]; candle rings; candy boxes; carpet beaters [hand instruments]; carpet sweepers; car washing mitts; cauldrons; ceramics for household purposes; chamber pots; chamois leather for cleaning; cheese-dish covers; china ornaments; chopsticks; cinder sifters [household utensils]; cleaning instruments, hand-operated; cleaning tow; closures for pot lids; clothes-pegs; cloth for washing floors; clothing stretchers; cloths for cleaning; coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; cocktail shakers; cocktail stirrers; coffee filters, non-electric; coffee grinders, hand-operated; coffee percolators, non-electric; coffeepots, non-electric; coffee services [tableware]; comb cases; combs; combs for animals; confectioners’ decorating bags [pastry bags]; containers for household or kitchen use; cookery molds [moulds]; cookie [biscuit] cutters; cookie jars; cooking pots; cooking pot sets; cooking skewers of metal; cooking utensils, non-electric; coolers [ice pails]; corkscrews, electric and non-electric; cosmetic spatulas; cosmetic utensils; cotton waste for cleaning; covers, not of paper, for flower pots; cruets; cruet sets for oil and vinegar; crumb trays; crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; crystal [glassware]; cups; cups of paper or plastic; currycombs; cutting boards for the kitchen; decanters; deep fryers, non-electric; demijohns; deodorising apparatus for personal use; dish covers; dishes; dishwashing brushes; disposable table plates; drinking bottles for sports; drinking glasses; drinking horns; drinking straws; drinking troughs; drinking vessels; dripping pans; drying racks for laundry; dustbins; dusting apparatus, non-electric; dusting cloths [rags]; earthenware; earthenware saucepans; egg cups; electric brushes, except parts of machines; electric combs; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; enamelled glass; epergnes; eyebrow brushes; feather-dusters; feeding troughs; fiberglass other than for insulation or textile use; fiberglass thread, not for textile use; figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; flasks; flat-iron stands; floss for dental purposes; flower pots; fly swatters; fly traps; food steamers, non-electric; fruit cups; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; frying pans; funnels; furniture dusters; fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building; gardening gloves; garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; glass bowls; glass bulbs [receptacles]; glasses [receptacles]; glass flasks [containers]; glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]; glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; glass jars [carboys]; glass stoppers; glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; glass wool other than for insulation; gloves for household purposes; glove stretchers; glue-pots; graters for kitchen use; grills [cooking utensils]; grill supports; hair for brushes; heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; heat-insulated containers; heat-insulated containers for beverages; hip flasks; holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]; horse brushes; hot pots, not electrically heated; ice cube molds [moulds]; indoor aquaria; indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]; indoor terrariums [vivariums]; insect traps; insulating flasks; ironing board covers, shaped; ironing boards; isothermic bags; kettles, non-electric; kitchen containers; kitchen grinders, non-electric; kitchen utensils; knife rests for the table; lamp-glass brushes; large-toothed combs for the hair; lazy susans; liqueur sets; litter boxes [trays] for pets; lunch boxes; majolica; make-up removing appliances; make-up sponges; mangers for animals; material for brush-making; menu card holders; mess-tins; mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated; mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; molds [kitchen utensils]; mops; mop wringers; mosaics of glass, not for building; mouse traps; mugs; nail brushes; napkin holders; napkin rings; nest eggs, artificial; non-electric portable coldboxes; noodle machines, hand-operated; nozzles for watering cans; nozzles for watering hose; opal glass; opaline glass; oven mitts; painted glassware; paper plates; pastry cutters; pepper mills, hand-operated; pepper pots; perfume burners; perfume vaporizers; pie servers; pig bristles; piggy banks; pipettes [wine-tasters]; pitchers; plate glass [raw material]; plates to prevent milk boiling over; plungers for clearing blocked drains; polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electric; polishing gloves; polishing leather; polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone; porcelain ware; potholders; pot lids; pots; pottery; poultry rings; powder compacts; powdered glass for decoration; powder puffs; pressure cookers [autoclaves], non-electric; rat traps; refrigerating bottles; rings for birds; rolling pins, domestic; salad bowls; salt cellars; saucepan scourers of metal; saucers; scoops [tableware]; scouring pads; scrubbing brushes; services [dishes]; shaving brushes; shaving brush stands; shoe horns; shoe trees [stretchers]; sieves [household utensils]; sifters [household utensils]; signboards of porcelain or glass; siphon bottles for carbonated water; smoke absorbers for household purposes; soap boxes; soap dispensers; soap holders; soup bowls; spatulas [kitchen utensils]; spice sets; sponge holders; sponges for household purposes; spouts; sprinklers; statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; steel wool for cleaning; stew-pans; strainers; strainers for household purposes; sugar bowls; syringes for watering flowers and plants; table plates; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; tankards; tar-brushes, long handled; tea caddies; tea cosies; tea infusers; teapots; tea services [tableware]; tea strainers; thermally insulated containers for food; tie presses; toilet brushes; toilet cases; toilet paper dispensers; toilet paper holders; toilet sponges; toilet utensils; toothbrushes; toothbrushes, electric; toothpick holders; toothpicks; towel rails and rings; trays for domestic purposes; trays for domestic purposes, of paper; trivets [table utensils]; trouser presses; urns; utensils for household purposes; vases; vegetable dishes; vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; vitreous silica fibers [fibres], not for textile use; waffle irons, non-electric; washing boards; washtubs; waste paper baskets; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; watering cans; watering devices; wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; window-boxes; wool waste for cleaning; works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Household or kitchen utensils; Kitchen utensils; Earthenware; Porcelain
  • 25 headgear; Aprons [clothing]; ascots; babies’ pants [clothing]; bandanas [neckerchiefs]; bathing caps; bathing suits; bathing trunks; bath robes; bath sandals; bath slippers; beach clothes; beach shoes; belts [clothing]; berets; bibs, not of paper; boas [necklets]; bodices [lingerie]; boots; boots for sports; boot uppers; boxer shorts; braces for clothing [suspenders]; brassieres; breeches for wear; camisoles; cap peaks; caps [headwear]; chasubles; clothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing of imitations of leather; clothing of leather; coats; collar protectors; collars [clothing]; combinations [clothing]; corselets; corsets [underclothing]; cuffs; cyclists’ clothing; detachable collars; dresses; dressing gowns; dress shields; ear muffs [clothing]; esparto shoes or sandals; fishing vests; fittings of metal for footwear; football shoes; footmuffs, not electrically heated; footwear; footwear uppers; furs [clothing]; fur stoles; gabardines [clothing]; gaiters; galoshes; garters; girdles; gloves [clothing]; gymnastic shoes; half-boots; hat frames [skeletons]; hats; headbands [clothing]; headgear for wear; heelpieces for footwear; heelpieces for stockings; heels; hoods [clothing]; hosiery; inner soles; jackets [clothing]; jerseys [clothing]; jumper dresses; knitwear [clothing]; lace boots; layettes [clothing]; leggings [leg warmers]; leggings [trousers]; liveries; maniples; mantillas; masquerade costumes; miters [hats]; mittens; money belts [clothing]; motorists’ clothing; muffs [clothing]; neckties; non-slipping devices for footwear; outerclothing; overalls; overcoats; pajamas (Am.); panties; paper clothing; paper hats [clothing]; parkas; pelerines; pelisses; petticoats; pockets for clothing; pocket squares; ponchos; ready-made clothing; ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; sandals; saris; sarongs; sashes for wear; scarfs; shawls; shirt fronts; shirts; shirt yokes; shoes; short-sleeve shirts; shower caps; ski boots; ski gloves; skirts; skorts; skull caps; sleep masks; slippers; slips [undergarments]; socks; sock suspenders; soles for footwear; sports jerseys; sports shoes; sports singlets; stockings; stocking suspenders; studs for football boots; stuff jackets [clothing]; suits; sweat-absorbent stockings; sweat-absorbent underwear; sweaters; teddies [undergarments]; tee-shirts; tights; tips for footwear; togas; top hats; trousers; trouser straps; turbans; underpants; underwear; uniforms; veils [clothing]; vests; visors [headwear]; waterproof clothing; welts for footwear; wet suits for water-skiing; wimples; wooden shoes; Clothing; Footwear.
  • 28 Games; playthings; sporting articles; Air pistols [toys]; amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; apparatus for games; appliances for gymnastics; arcade video game machines; archery implements; artificial fishing bait; artificial snow for Christmas trees; ascenders [mountaineering equipment]; backgammon games; bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; ball pitching machines; balls for games; bar-bells; baseball gloves; batting gloves [accessories for games]; bells for Christmas trees; billiard balls; billiard cues; billiard cue tips; billiard markers; billiard table cushions; billiard tables; bingo cards; bite indicators [fishing tackle]; bite sensors [fishing tackle]; bladders of balls for games; board games; bob-sleighs; bodyboards; body-building apparatus; bowling apparatus and machinery; bows for archery; boxing gloves; building blocks [toys]; building games; butterfly nets; camouflage screens [sports articles]; candle holders for Christmas trees; caps for pistols [toys]; carnival masks; chalk for billiard cues; checkerboards; checkers [games]; chessboards; chess games; chest expanders [exercisers]; chips for gambling; Christmas trees of synthetic material; Christmas tree stands; clay pigeons [targets]; clay pigeon traps; climbers’ harness; coin-operated billiard tables; confetti; conjuring apparatus; controllers for game consoles; counters [discs] for games; creels [fishing traps]; cricket bags; cups for dice; darts; decoys for hunting or fishing; dice; discuses for sports; divot repair tools [golf accessories]; dolls; dolls’ beds; dolls’ clothes; dolls’ feeding bottles; dolls’ houses; dolls’ rooms; dominoes; dumb-bells; edges of skis; elbow guards [sports articles]; electronic targets; explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers]; fairground ride apparatus; fencing gauntlets; fencing masks; fencing weapons; fish hooks; fishing tackle; flippers for swimming; floats for fishing; flying discs [toys]; foosball tables; games; gaming machines for gambling; gloves for games; golf bags, with or without wheels; golf clubs; golf gloves; gut for fishing; gut for rackets; hang gliders; harness for sailboards; harpoon guns [sports articles]; hockey sticks; horseshoe games; hunting game calls; ice skates; in-line roller skates; jigsaw puzzles; kaleidoscopes; kite reels; kites; knee guards [sports articles]; landing nets for anglers; lines for fishing; machines for physical exercises; mah-jong; marbles for games; masks [playthings]; masts for sailboards; men’s athletic supporters [sports articles]; mobiles [toys]; nets for sports; novelties for parties, dances [party favors, favours]; ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; pachinkos; paintball guns [sports apparatus]; paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]; paper party hats; paragliders; parlor games; percussion caps [toys]; piñatas; play balloons; playing balls; playing cards; plush toys; poles for pole vaulting; portable games with liquid crystal displays; practical jokes [novelties]; protective paddings [parts of sports suits]; punching bags; puppets; quoits; rackets; radio-controlled toy vehicles; rattles [playthings]; reels for fishing; ring games; rocking horses; rods for fishing; rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; roller skates; rosin used by athletes; roulette wheels; sailboards; scale model kits [toys]; scale model vehicles; scent lures for hunting or fishing; scooters [toys]; scrapers for skis; scratch cards for playing lottery games; seal skins [coverings for skis]; shin guards [sports articles]; shuttlecocks; skateboards; skating boots with skates attached; ski bindings; skis; skittles; skittles [games]; sleds [sports articles]; slides [playthings]; sling shots [sports articles]; slot machines [gaming machines]; snowboards; snow globes; snowshoes; soap bubbles [toys]; sole coverings for skis; spinning tops [toys]; spring boards [sports articles]; starting blocks for sports; stationary exercise bicycles; strings for rackets; stuffed toys; surfboard leashes; surfboards; surf skis; swimming belts; swimming jackets; swimming kick boards; swimming pools [play articles]; swings; tables for table tennis; targets; teddy bears; tennis ball throwing apparatus; tennis nets; theatrical masks; toy figures; toy models; toy pistols; toys; toys for domestic pets; toy vehicles; trampolines; twirling batons; video game machines; waterskis; water wings; wax for skis; weight lifting belts [sports articles]; puzzles.
  • 29 Ajvar [preserved peppers]; albumen for culinary purposes; albumin milk; alginates for culinary purposes; almonds, ground; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; anchovy; animal marrow for food; apple purée; bacon; beans, preserved; black pudding [blood sausage]; bone oil, edible; bouillon; bouillon concentrates; butter; buttercream; caviar; charcuterie; cheese; clams, not live; cocoa butter; coconut butter; coconut, desiccated; coconut fat; coconut oil; colza oil for food; compotes; condensed milk; corn oil; cranberry sauce [compote]; crayfish, not live; cream [dairy products]; croquettes; crustaceans, not live; crystallized fruits; curd; dates; edible birds’ nests; edible fats; edible oils; eggs; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; fish fillets; fish meal for human consumption; fish mousses; fish, not live; fish, preserved; fish roe, prepared; fish, tinned [canned (Am)]; foods made from fish; frozen fruits; fruit-based snack food; fruit chips; fruit jellies; fruit peel; fruit, preserved; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit pulp; fruit salads; fruit, stewed; fruits, tinned [canned (Am)]; game, not live; gelatine; gherkins; ginger jam; ham; herrings; hummus [chickpea paste]; isinglass for food; jams; jellies for food; kephir [milk beverage]; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]; lard; lecithin for culinary purposes; lentils, preserved; linseed oil for culinary purposes; liver; liver pâté; lobsters, not live; low-fat potato chips; margarine; marmalade; meat; meat extracts; meat jellies; meat, preserved; meat, tinned [canned (Am)]; milk; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk ferments for culinary purposes; milk products; milk shakes; mushrooms, preserved; mussels, not live; non-alcoholic eggnog; nuts, prepared; olive oil for food; olives, preserved; onions, preserved; oysters, not live; palm kernel oil for food; palm oil for food; peanut butter; peanuts, prepared; peas, preserved; pectin for culinary purposes; piccalilli; pickles; pollen prepared as foodstuff; pork; potato chips; potato flakes; potato fritters; poultry, not live; powdered eggs; prawns, not live; preparations for making bouillon; preparations for making soup; preserved garlic; prostokvasha [soured milk]; raisins; rennet; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; salmon; salted fish; salted meats; sardines; sauerkraut; sausages; sausages in batter; sea-cucumbers, not live; seaweed extracts for food; seeds, prepared; sesame oil; shellfish, not live; shrimps, not live; silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; smetana [sour cream]; snail eggs for consumption; soups; soya beans, preserved, for food; soya milk [milk substitute]; spiny lobsters, not live; suet for food; sunflower oil for food; sunflower seeds, prepared; tahini [sesame seed paste]; toasted laver; tofu; tomato juice for cooking; tomato paste; tomato purée; tripe; truffles, preserved; tuna fish; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable mousses; vegetable salads; vegetables, cooked; vegetables, dried; vegetable soup preparations; vegetables, preserved; vegetables, tinned [canned (Am)]; whey; whipped cream; white of eggs; yogurt; yolk of eggs.
  • 30 Allspice; almond confectionery; almond paste; aniseed; aromatic preparations for food; artificial coffee; baking powder; baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]; barley meal; bean meal; beer vinegar; binding agents for ice cream [edible ices]; bread; breadcrumbs; bread rolls; buns; cake dough; cake frosting [icing]; cake powder; cakes; candy; capers; caramels [candy]; celery salt; cereal bars; cereal-based snack food; cereal preparations; cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; chewing gum; chicory [coffee substitute]; chips [cereal products]; chocolate; chocolate-based beverages; chocolate beverages with milk; chocolate mousses; chow-chow [condiment]; chutneys [condiments]; cinnamon [spice]; cloves [spice]; cocoa; cocoa-based beverages; cocoa beverages with milk; coffee; coffee-based beverages; coffee beverages with milk; coffee flavorings [flavourings]; condiments; confectionery; confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; cookies; cooking salt; corn flakes; corn flour; corn, milled; corn, roasted; couscous [semolina]; crackers; cream of tartar for culinary purposes; crushed barley; crushed oats; curry [spice]; custard; dessert mousses [confectionery]; dough; dressings for salad; edible ices; essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; farinaceous foods; ferments for pastes; flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for beverages; flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for cakes; flavorings, other than essential oils; flour; flour-milling products; flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; fondants [confectionery]; frozen yogurt [confectionery ices]; fruit coulis [sauces]; fruit jellies [confectionery]; garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; gingerbread; ginger [spice]; glucose for culinary purposes; gluten additives for culinary purposes; gluten prepared as foodstuff; golden syrup; groats for human food; halvah; ham glaze; high-protein cereal bars; hominy; hominy grits; honey; husked barley; husked oats; ice cream; iced tea; ice for refreshment; ice, natural or artificial; infusions, not medicinal; ketchup [sauce]; leaven; linseed for human consumption; liquorice [confectionery]; macaroni; macaroons [pastry]; malt biscuits; malt extract for food; malt for human consumption; maltose; marinades; marzipan; mayonnaise; meat gravies; meat pies; meat tenderizers, for household purposes; mint for confectionery; molasses for food; muesli; mustard; mustard meal; natural sweeteners; noodle-based prepared meals; noodles; nutmegs; oat-based food; oat flakes; oatmeal; palm sugar; pancakes; pasta; pasta sauce; pastilles [confectionery]; pastries; pastry dough; pâtés en croûte; peanut confectionery; pepper; peppermint sweets; peppers [seasonings]; pesto [sauce]; petit-beurre biscuits; petits fours [cakes]; pies; pizzas; popcorn; potato flour; powders for ice cream; pralines; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; propolis; puddings; quiches; ravioli; relish [condiment]; rice; rice-based snack food; rice cakes; royal jelly; rusks; saffron [seasoning]; sago; salt for preserving foodstuffs; sandwiches; sauces [condiments]; sausage binding materials; seasonings; sea water for cooking; seaweed [condiment]; semolina; sorbets [ices]; soya bean paste [condiment]; soya flour; soya sauce; spaghetti; spices; spring rolls; star aniseed; starch for food; stick liquorice [confectionery]; sugar; sushi; sweetmeats [candy]; tabbouleh; tacos; tapioca; tapioca flour; tarts; tea; tea-based beverages; thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; tomato sauce; tortillas; turmeric; unleavened bread; unroasted coffee; vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring]; vanillin [vanilla substitute]; vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; vermicelli [noodles]; vinegar; waffles; wheat flour; wheat germ for human consumption; yeast.
  • 32 Aerated water; aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic; aperitifs, non-alcoholic; beer; beer-based cocktails; beer wort; cider, non-alcoholic; cocktails, non-alcoholic; cola drinks; energy drinks; essences for making beverages; extracts of hops for making beer; flavoured waters; fruit juices; fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; ginger beer; grape must, unfermented; isotonic beverages; kvass [non-alcoholic beverage]; lemonades; lithia water; malt beer; malt wort; milk of almonds [beverage]; mineral water [beverages]; must; non-alcoholic beverages; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; orgeat; pastilles for effervescing beverages; peanut milk [non-alcoholic beverage]; powders for effervescing beverages; preparations for making aerated water; preparations for making beverages; preparations for making liqueurs; preparations for making mineral water; sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]; seltzer water; sherbets [beverages]; smoothies; soda water; soft drinks, including low-calorie soft drinks; syrups for beverages; syrups for lemonade; table waters; tomato juice [beverage]; vegetable juices [beverages]; water and beverages containing vitamins (soft drinks); waters [beverages]; whey beverages.
  • 33 Alcoholic beverages containing fruit; alcoholic beverages, except beer; alcoholic essences; alcoholic extracts; anise [liqueur]; anisette [liqueur]; aperitifs; arrack [arak]; baijiu [Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage]; bitters; brandy; cider; cocktails; curacao; digesters [liqueurs and spirits]; distilled beverages; fruit extracts, alcoholic; gin; kirsch; liqueurs; mead [hydromel]; nira [sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage]; peppermint liqueurs; perry; piquette; pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; rice alcohol; rum; sake; spirits [beverages]; vodka; whisky; wine.
  • 41 Academies [education]; amusement parks; animal training; arranging and conducting of colloquiums; arranging and conducting of concerts; arranging and conducting of conferences; arranging and conducting of congresses; arranging and conducting of seminars; arranging and conducting of symposiums; arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; arranging of beauty contests; boarding schools; booking of seats for shows; calligraphy services; cinema presentations; circuses; club services [entertainment or education]; coaching [training]; conducting fitness classes; correspondence courses; disc jockey services; discotheque services; dubbing; educational examination; education information; electronic desktop publishing; entertainer services; entertainment; entertainment information, including shows and musical events information; film production, other than advertising films; gambling; games equipment rental; game services provided on-line from a computer network; gymnastic instruction; health club services [health and fitness training]; holiday camp services [entertainment]; language interpreter services; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; lending libraries; microfilming; mobile library services; modelling for artists; movie studios; music composition services; music-halls; news reporters services; night clubs; nursery schools; operating lotteries; orchestra services; organization of balls; organization of competitions [education or entertainment]; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes; organization of shows, including musical shows [impresario services]; organization of sports competitions; party planning [entertainment]; personal trainer services [fitness training]; photographic reporting; photography; physical education; practical training [demonstration]; presentation of live performances; production of music; production of radio and television programmes; production of shows; providing amusement arcade services; providing casino facilities [gambling]; providing golf facilities; providing karaoke services; providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]; providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; providing on-line music, not downloadable; providing on-line videos, not downloadable; providing recreation facilities; providing sports facilities; publication of books; publication of electronic books and journals on-line; publication of texts, other than publicity texts; radio entertainment; recording studio services; recreation information; religious education; rental of audio equipment; rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; rental of motion pictures; rental of movie projectors and accessories; rental of radio and television sets; rental of show scenery; rental of skin diving equipment; rental of sound recordings; rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; rental of sports grounds; rental of stadium facilities; rental of stage scenery; rental of tennis courts; rental of video cameras; rental of video cassette recorders; rental of videotapes; scriptwriting services; services of schools [education]; sign language interpretation; sport camp services; subtitling; teaching; television entertainment; theatre productions; ticket agency services [entertainment]; timing of sports events; toy rental; translation; tutoring; videotape editing; videotaping; vocational guidance [education or training advice]; vocational retraining; writing of texts, other than publicity texts; zoological garden services; Production of cable television programmes; Cinematographic adaptation and editing; Digital music [not downloadable] provided from the Internet; DVD and CD-ROM film production; Production of entertainment in the form of television and/or radio programmes and shows; Production of live entertainment; Concert services; Post-production editing services in the field of music, videos and film; Music recording studio services; Production of audio master recordings; Recording services; Recording studios; Sound recording services; publication services; provision of information in relation to the aforesaid.

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