May 26

Jose Mourinho Trademark – When 14th in the League is good enough!


Jose Mourinho Trademark

Yesterday I posted THIS POST about Chelsea Football Club owning the rights to the Jose Mourinho Trademark

I’m currently sitting 14th in the league when it comes to ‘Jose Mourinho Trademark’ which is to say that if you google the term ‘Jose Mourinho Trademark’ on (the Irish variation then, probably not… or I’m the 14th organic result in the search terms. 

Look, there I am there now, above RTE, the Daily Star, Reddit and the BBC if you don’t’ mind

Jose Mourinho Trademark


Now look it, I know nobody goes to the second page, ever (and those that do are mostly serial killers or whatever), but still, don’t take this away from me, I think it’s pretty neat.

While we’re at it, I’m also the 4th most viewed member of Tv3 on linked in. Look at me there, Brian Conroy Solicitor. Gas.

Brian Conroy Solicitor

Granted I’m behind Natalie from Tallafornia, but I’m ahead of all the Xpose girls. Win.


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