You Do The Maps, #IrishFitFam, An Spud-Off Mor, and NYE Dublin – This Week’s Irish Patents Office Journal


It’s that time of the month again, the Irish Patents Journal is out, and here’s what’s in it!

Apartment Dwellers rejoice, you can dry your clothes without fear of offending your mangement company thanks to the Patent Application of Laura Edgeworth!

How you could get a patent for Greeting Cards I’m not sure, but I’m also eager to find out, because NAMECARDS4U have applied for a patent for them!
And as a recent new father, I, for one, am psyched about this!

Finally, nobody likes their drink being tampered with, and that could be a thing of the past thanks to this patent application from John Hayden


You Do the Map! Today FM have Trade Marked the recent competition ‘You Do The Map’ (they’ve also protected You Do The Maps), so I think you can expect that to be an annual thing or roll out elsewhere.

#IrishFitFam – You will probably be familiar from the hashtag on Facebook/Twitter and Instragram, will David Cavanagh has applied for a Trade Mark for Sports Clothing, so now you can wear the official IrishFitFam clobber

New Years Eve anybody? Who has theirs planned? Well, Apparently Paul David does! It’s coming, get Auld Lang Syne ready will yis?
I don’t smoke and never have, so I’ve no idea if these are no packaging for Carrolls Cigarettes, can anyone confirm?Hennessy XXO – Is this a new drink? I’ve Googled it, and there’s a Hennessy XO right enough, but not an XXO – Well anyway, that’s now a thing, FYI

Finally, there’s two wonderfully Irish applications, namely An Spud-Off Mor:

AND… Get Your Ass off the Couch, which simply has to have been picked from an art competition for kids, surely?

More Irish Patents Office Journal Goodness in two weeks, I’ll have the pick of the UK Crop tomorrow!


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