September 9

AGRO – The US, Microsoft and Ireland – Data Protection Scrap in Court today


ht_microsoft_cc_120823_wgI’ve blogged previously about the handbags being swung in relation to data held on Irish servers and the Americans, you know, wanting it. Here’s The Register’s take on it, and what’s happening in Court today:

An appeals court in New York will hold an oral hearing in the Feds vs Microsoft battle today. The so-called Microsoft warrant case has dragged on for nearly two years as Redmond resists efforts to make it hand over customer emails stored in Ireland.

The American Justice Department wants the emails as part of a drug-trafficking investigation, and judge Loretta Preska ruled in July 2014 that Microsoft should hand them over regardless of where they are stored because it has “control” over them.

However, Microsoft maintains that the data is secured under EU data protection laws.

Read the rest of the article HERE


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