Boob Bix:
Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. Boob. Bix. Baked products, lactation cookies. Again, that’s BooBBix, Lactation Cookies. Carry on.

Mo Farrah seems to be starting a foundation, which was nice! He’s not the applicant though:Calling All Sofa Dodgers!

Ladies, protect those precious heels with Clear Heels Heel Stoppers:

For the distinguished gentlemen with much money, but little hair, Filthy Rich Hair:

Superman called…..he wants his logo back!

Someone obviously thinks that Scotland will say Yes the second time around – Yes2Scotland:

I can’t say this is the most appealing logo I’ve ever seen. Poor Doggy. Inconti-Pet:

Who doesn’t want one of these bad boys from the Designs Journal? A “Battery Powered Brain Stimulation Headset”:

And two of my favourites to finish: Pulled Pork anybody? You need….Porkinator!

And how does Bob Marley like his Donuts? With Jammin! HA! We’re Jammin:

The next UK Trade Mark Journal is out on Friday, and I for one can not wait!