Ben Phillips Sorry Bro Trademark Application


Ben Phillips SorryBro Trademark Application

Some of you will know who Ben Phillips is

Others of you will have had to Google him to find out if you care about what comes next….

Oh you’re still here.

Right, well as you’ll have gathered then he’s an internet star, particularly on vine, where he can reportedly make £2,000 A SECOND in sponsored content, which really makes me question my life’s choices.

Anywho, ‘Sorry Bro’ is something of a Ben Phillips catchphrase, so he’s applied for a UK trademark for it.

You might have seen the kerfuffle about Specsavers applying for the trademark for ‘Should’ve’ (It not, click here, I actually broke the story, sorry bro to all the other major news outlets) and this is another one like that. Sorry Bro is an everyday expression of common parlance now I would argue, and whether it should be allowed to be trademarked has to be open to question. Sorry Ben, I’ve got nothing against you, but I just don’t think “Sorry Bro” should be capable of monopolisation by way of trademark, and if this application, and ones like it like Specsaver’s should’ve are allowed to be registered I think there’s going to be a bit of a backlash.

Ben Phillips Sorry Bro Trademark Application


Here’s two of the other Trademark applications in the UK which caught my eye:


Psycho girlfriend trademark application

Stinger if your girlfriend see that Ben Inder

and Finally, Woofstock, the lovely cuddly play on Woodstock. How could you not love that.

woofstock trademark application

And here’s the best of the rest, the most recent trademark UK applications:

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