Conor McGregor Trademark – ‘The Notorious’, ‘The Mac Life’ & ‘Conor McGregor’


Official UFC Mcgregor photo

It could be an absolute and complete coincidence, but just days before the UFC announce its sale, Conor McGregor finally applies to register some trademarks. The reason I’m sceptical of it being a complete coincidence is because if the associated image and trademark rights are being sold with the brand (and I assume they will be) I know I would want to make sure I had my own image and brand under my control as much as possible, which McGregor notionally now does (depending on what he has contracted away previously, of which we obviously have no details).

Finally. Conor McGregor, through his company McGregor Sports and Entertainment Limited, has applied for three  McGregor trademarks! These applications are for Ireland only, but I have to assume that priority date (if they get it) will be used to base international applications in the coming weeks/months.

This might not seem that big a deal to you, but I’ve been trying to persuade his people to do this since 21 April 2016, when he announced his retirement (which obviously turned out not to be a retirement), contacting the director of the company, and his PR firm in Ireland to advise that he needed to protect his brand ASAP. I can’t help but feel a smidge frustrated that it took a further nearly 3 months to make the applications, and that they didn’t ask me to do them, but still! Hence ‘finally’.

Behold, McGregor Trademarks Applications for, ‘Conor McGregor’ , ‘The Notorious’ and ‘The Mac Life’

Conor McGregor Trademark Applications Ireland

And what have they been applied for?

Identical goods and services for each actually, as follows:

McGregor Trademark Details - Goods and services

That’s a fairly wide range of goods/services:

  • The Notorious Shaving Foam
  • The Mac Life Takeaway
  • Conor McGregor Hairdressing Services

Sure, why not!

Can I see any problems? Yeah, for sure! Because they were slow off the mark applying for the trademarks, there’s already plenty of ‘The Notorious’ trademarks on the international registers! Even in terms of ‘Barber Shops’ and ‘Hairdressing Services’ our very own Irish famous hairdressers The Grafton Barber have already applied for a ‘The Notorious’ Trademark, but it hasn’t been accepted yet, so there’s likely to be a big fight about that, and as Jose Aldo will tell you, that’s not a fight you want to get into in a hurry

grafton barber conor mcgregor trademark application

So that’s all good news, the bad news is it will take AT LEAST 3 months for those applications to get through the system and get registered, IF there is no objections. And there will almost certainly be objections, particularly to the application for ‘The Notorious’

Here’s the list of ‘McGregor’ trademark filings:

[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

and here’s a list of ‘The Notorious’ trademark filings:

[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

Watch. This. Space.

PS – TMZ, if you’re reading this, don’t you dare publish the story without least a hat tip like you did after I tipped you off about the Death Troopers in Star Wars

PPS – John Kavanagh, please register SBG as a trademark before I lose my reason!

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