Freedome (not a typo), Irish Women in Aviation and The Internet of Waste


Trademark Ireland Applications go through a kind of two stage process. When you first send in your application, it is assessed by a Trademarks examiner, and then if there’s no absolute or relative grounds for refusal (or once any issues are remedied) the application is accepted for publication. Here’s the latest batch of Irish Trademark applications that have been accepted by the Patents Office and which will be published in the Patents Office journal soon:

Some noteworthy Tradmark Applications which have been accepted:

  • Irish Women in Aviation Trademark Application
  • Freedome Trademark Application (This is registered by Sky Zone LLC which owns and operates Trapoline Parks in the US, not sure if Jump Zone in Dublin is a franchise, or if this is going to be a new facility)
  • The Internet of Waste Trademark Application
Trademark Number Trademark Device Date of Application / Registration Status Applicant / Proprietor Goods & Services Classes
254811 W WOER 10/12/2015 Accepted
Shenzhen Woer …
254809 Avondale Coconut Marvels 12/02/2016 Accepted
254810 Personal-… 11/03/2016 Accepted
Gavin Copeland
254813 LION PROTECTEUR 18/03/2016 Accepted
Chanel Limited
254814 18/03/2016 Accepted
Michelle Kinnear
254807 PIADIRISH 23/03/2016 Accepted
Giovanna Senatore
Andrea Casagrande
254815 IRISH Women in Aviation 24/03/2016 Accepted
Myra Gleeson
254808 The Internet of Waste 25/03/2016 Accepted
Marcin Kulik
254812 FREEDOME 29/03/2016 Accepted
Sky Zone, LLC

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