It’s been a week or so since I trawled the European Trade Mark filings to see who has been filing what (I’ve been busy, ok?!) – Quite a few marks with noting so there is.

I didn’t know what a ‘subtweet’ was until I Googled it (you mention someone without using their handle, FYI), but Twitter seem to want to take ownership of it anyway!Twitter Subtweet

With the merger between Paddy Power and Betfair, I wonder is this registration of ‘PowerSports’ any indication of what the new company will be called? Could be completely unrelated, but looks interesting to me

Paddy Power Powersports

HBO (I just discovered that it stands for ‘Home Box Office, who knew) have registered ‘Winter is Coming’ for T-Shirts and Hats and what not. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, apparently that will mean something to you!

HBO winter is coming t-shirt

Dublin’s new logo has been filed for Europe Wide Protection, and on the same day it was revealed as well. How very efficient.

Dublin a breath of fresh air logo

It’s official ‘Hangry’ is here to stay, particularly if these new meat based snacks take hold!

Hangry Moments

I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs said this day would never happen, but here we are, Apple have filed an application to register the Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

Could it be? New music from Des’ree? According to Wikipedia she’s retired and hasn’t released any new music since 2003, but she’s registered her name as a Trade Mark for music and recording.

Des'ree is back

Watch out Transformers, the Go-Bots are coming for you! Apparently, this brand is being re-launched! I don’t really remember them, but I assume they were a poor mans transformers, were they?

Hasbro Go-Bots

Harlequins Rugby club have registered their creepy logo and colours

Harlequins Logo

The company behind Beanie Babies, have filed an application for Teenie Beanie Boos (apparently they came with McDonald’s Happy Meals last year, I must have missed them).

Teenie Beanie Boos

Two lads in Wexford are busy brewing up Yellow Bellow Brew, it’s a Wexford Craft Beer you know

Yellowbelly Wexford Lager

And Body and Soul have applied to a Trade Mark for, well, Body and Soul.

Body and Soul

I can’t find anything about this on Google, so I’m assuming it’s an as yet unannounced Huawei tablet/laptop/chromebook type device. Remember where you saw it first.

Huawei Matebook

I’m not sure if this is the pizza or the drink, but either way, consider me interested.

Margarita In a Bag

Amazon have 6 new children’s series coming apparently, and they have applied for Trade Marks for the names of each, including Everstar

Amazon Everstar