7up Mojito, HeisenBerg Vodka and The Burger’s Priest – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Applications


Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been 6 days since I last posted on the filings for Community Trade Marks in OHIM, and here’s what the world may have missed…

Firstly, apparently this is a ‘thing’ on the continent already, but I’ve never heard of it, seen it or tasted it, so colour me excited (FYI, it’s entirely non-alcholic, Boo Erns)

7up Mojito - The Cure


Previously I posted about an application to register a Trade Mark for Heisenberg E-Cigarettes, now it’s Heisenberg Vodka

Heisenberg Vodka

When Gaffer Tape or Duct Tape (Duck Tape?) just wont do, you need:

ferociously strong tape


This looks like a new product from Dyson? Well I haven’t seen the brand ‘Dyson Pure’ before anyway, and a quick google didnt through much up. This was one of 5 applications around ‘Dyson Pure’ filed yesterday

Dyson Pure Hot and Cold

I’ve seen reference to the Adidas Runbase at the Boston Marathon, but they must be thinking of extending the brand significantly, as they filed this application yesterday:

Adidas Runbase

Presumably this is read your burger its last rights before you shuffle it into your gob! Nom Nom

The Burgers Priest

I’d say yer man eats like a horse:


Black Caviar Horse Musli


Nothing to do with the Mystery Box on my old show fully charged, but filed on the day it was won nonetheless:

Mystery Box


Hmmmmm, when you look at this and the youtube logo side by side they actually don’t look THAT alike, but still to me the first thing I thought when I say this was YouTube, anybody else?

youtube youtv
No idea.
No Idea What This Is


My campaign to stop calling things iThings does not appear to be going well…




This lad is from Australia apparently, so to all Australians pining for a taste of home, this could be coming to Europe if this Trade Mark Application is anything to go by!

Banjo The Carob Bear

Phil and Dan from BBC radio 1 have gone and applied for their Twitter handles as Trade Marks. Interesting. Phil and Dan present a weekend show on BBC Radio 1 in the UK in case you didn’t know (I didn’t)

Amazing Phil Dan Is Not On Fire


Vodafone have applied for their name as a Trade Mark in lots of classes I would have thought they already had protection in, so I’m not entirely sure whey they have included those classes in this application.



Again, good to see an Irish brand Keelings in the filings:



The history channel, in another language. Spanish according to Google Translate.



And another Irish brand. Fine crisps they make I have to say:

O'Donnells Hand Cooked Crisps


Say nothing lads.


I’m not sure whether we’re looking at a new strapline to replace ‘Innovation that Excites’ or whether “Nissan Intelligent Driving” relates to something else entirely

Nissan Intelligent Driving

I’ve got no idea what it’s about, but by all accounts, when the nozzle turns blue, stop your crew!

when the nozzle turns blue stop your crew

Mind you don’t give yourself Zip Lash. I’m reminded of that scene from there’s something about Mary, anybody else?? Ouchies.

Chibi-Robo - Zip Lash

If you don’t want to lug your golf clubs around the course, but can’t afford a buggy or a professional caddy of your own, Ta-Dan! The Caddy Bike!


You might recall a while back I posted about a Trade Mark dispute in the US between Jack Daniels and another company over their Tennessee Fire drink – Well anyway, now JD have sought Europe Wide Protection for the Tennessee Fire Brand.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Google have filed a Trade Mark application for Hash Code, their computer geek get together

Google Hashcode


Could this be an officially authorised or sanctioned bike of the World Triathlong Corporation – It’s registered in the class for bikes

ironman bikes

Not entirely sure what it’s for (it’s computer stuff) but what a great name


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