An exhibition you WONT want to miss, Facebook, Man City and Metalica (not a typo)….This Week’s Trade Mark Filings in Europe


Someone asked me recently how long it took to do one of these posts. I had no idea, but I can confirm that if you leave the OHIM Patents Register for a week, there’s over 20 pages and 2,000 Applications, so it takes about an hour and a half. I wont be making that mistake again in a hurry! Anyway, here’s the pick of the last week’s Trade Mark Applications:


Someone tell me where I can get tickets to this must see exhibition will ye?

The Exhibition of the Sanitary Disposable, One Use Solutions


Facebook have applied for these two marks relating to Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook For Messenger


Disney have applied for ‘Magic At Your Fingertips:

Disney Magic at your fingertips


Fossil the watch company are moving into the ‘Smart Watch’ sector it was reported this week, and now they have the Trade Mark Application to prove it


David Beckham wants protection for his latest smell!

David Beckham Beyond


The American TV Show ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is coming to a TV near you (in Europe) soon

somebody's gotta do it


I’m not sure what it is, but Hollister obviously have some new brand coming called ‘Hollister California Wave’

Hollister California Waves


This seems very bizarrre, but Apple have applied for a Trade Mark for iCloud – They already have several iCloud Trade Marks, but this extends their protection to further products & services



A genuis play on words – Dressed to Kill, Dressed to Kale – Get it? Sure you do!

dressed to kale

There’s been a lot of chat in recent years about Trade Marking colours! Cadbury tried it with their purple. And there’s Ferarri Red obviously, but what about Glaxo Smithcline Purple?

Glaxo Smithcline Colour

Or who thinks this is their favourite colour? Because you might not be able to use it any more!



The company behind the Hunger Games have applied for protection in weird classes like household products and bleach and stuff:

Hunger Games

Man City have applied to extend the protection of their Logo to a whole host of ‘non football’ goods and services

Man City FC

Linkedin have something called ‘ProFinder’ on the horizon it seems:

linkedin Profinder

Adidas have applied for protection for things like heartrate monitors and wearables:



The classic fashion statement, T-Shirt and Jeans

T-Shirt and Jeans

Motorcyling legend Valentino Rossi has applied to register the mark ‘Riders Academy’

valentino rossi riders academy

I’d love to know what James and the lads will think of this – LG have applied for Metalica (only one ‘L’) for phones

Metalica Phone

They’ve actually been on a bit of a filing buzz, spending over €60,000 in the last 7 days registering Trade Marks. Who doesn’t want to know what ‘Speaker Milk’ is? You can check out all 66 Applications from the last 7 days only HERE

Speaker Milk

You’ve got Mad Skillz Bruh

mad skillz

I just can’t imagine that Red Bull are going to be mad about this application – Red Bulloon
Red Bulloon

Another play on words now – SEDUCE – C’Juice – Very clever

s juice - seduce

Anybody heading to Tenerife soon? I think I’ve found just the activity for you!
Jet Pack Tenerife




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