Lip Sync Battles Ireland, Tony Fenton and A Convertible Shoe and the end of Hula Hoops!


Lip Sync Battles Ireland

Cecil Carter applied for a Trademark for “Lip Sync Battles Irl” (lipsync battles ireland) which is interesting.

Lip SyncHe’s also applied for, lipsync challenge show and lip sync fundraiser. Both of those applications are still pending while the one for Lip Sync Battles IRL has been granted and registered. That registration poses some interesting questions about registration, and it will be very interesting to see what happens next and if the registration is challenged by the company who owns the rights to the famous TV show “Lip Sync Battles” on the basis that only they are entitled to use the name.

Lipsync Battles Ireland

Interestingly, aside from the US, Ireland has the highest number of trademark applications in the world for the words “Lip Sync”

Lip Sync Battles Ireland

Oh Ireland, never change!

Trade Mark Applications

Tony Fenton Trade Mark – I got a bit of a shock to see Tony’s name in the journal, but it looks as if his brother has applied for registration of his name for Charitable purposes, so The Dude may live on. Your a WINNNNNNNNNNER:

Tony Fenton Trade Mark

FoodStuffs for Dogs – Is it just me, or does it seem like there must be a word missing from this application? Surely there should be a word in that bubble that the dog is holding up, right?

Missing Words

New TV from Sky?? Well they have just registered ‘Now TV’ in Ireland:


Ooooooh, Ice Cream!

Ice CreamTrade Marks Removed from the Register

There’s loads of Trade Marks removed from the register every time the journal is released, but this one nearly had me fall off my seat….
Hula Hoops
Don’t worry though, they still have the word mark registered, so I think the Hula Hoops are safe!

Patent Applications

The majority of the Patent Office Journal is taken up with international patents being formally registered for recognition in Ireland under various treaties and agreements, but there’s also a small number of Patent Applications registered in Ireland in the office every week. Here’s the pick of our brainy inventors:

A Convertible Shoe!! Seriously, I don’t even know what it converts into and I’m already all like:

Take My Money

Look! Seriously! Some genius called Owen Laverty has applied for a patent for a convertible shoe. Smashing.

Convertable Shoe

How’s the Auld Herpes? – 

Registered Designs

All a bit dull, Littlewoods Ireland have registered a load of designs on their ‘Very’ range.

VERY - Registered Designs

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