August 27

Trade Marks in China (insert some sort of Chinese Takeaway pun here) 


This is a really interesting (well, I think so anyway) look at the issue of how you go about protecting your English Language Trade Mark….in China. Likely only of real relevance to the big boys and global players, but still!

Some Chinese equivalents for English trademarks are protected in China, while others are not. Jason Wang and Yan Zhang from Beijing East IP Law Firm summarize a few key cases and explain the reasons behind the rulings.When foreign brands enter into the China market they are generally translated into Chinese, either for use by the brand owners, or by Chinese media and Chinese public. According to authorities including the China Supreme Court, some Chinese equivalents for its English trademarks are protected, such as GOOGLE, CANON, LAND ROVER, HARLEY (of Harley-Davidson), MICHELIN, PORTS INTERNATIONAL, GIOGRIO ARMANI, SOTHEBY’S, RITZ CARLTON, and FREDDIE MAC. Others are not protected, such as VIAGRA, SONY ERICSSON, DELL, MICHAEL JORDAN, and RANDOM HOUSE. And still others are protected in one case while not protected in another….

Full Article Here : Protection Of The Chinese Equivalent For Its English Trademark – Intellectual Property – China


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